S-Excused Love Devoured.


Is there anyone else?!Have you been looking for her in me all these while?!

I can taste in your lips,baby these kisses tastes different. I have been listening close enough to notice how fictional your character has been feeling lately.

I’m not try’na complain about my findings but baby I can’t help it I swear it’s out of my control. I’m not trying to blame you about how I feel but baby o swear it’s neither my fault.

I heard you complain that “I’m a flirt,I have too many Wo(men) from my D(rea)Ms chasing after me.”

Baby,all that is true but best believe none of these bones ever felt home to me.Its the smiles that stains my face(thanks to you)they all love these pouting lips that I have.

You remember when you told me that it’s me that you dreamt off long before I came into your life?!That walking down the hallways you couldn’t take your eyes off me??!Baby I still live by all these words.”You’re something different,maybe it was your innocence or maybe its it’s because we had medical in our past lives.”Baby all these words are still fresh in my head.

Forgive my untamed desires, the granules satisfaction that it brings. But it’s us,I swear it’s “WE” that I believe in.

But baby these heart still beats for you.This mouth can devour you,this tongue is industrious.Baby,how about you let me serve you?! I bet I’ll leave you latched on your knees. Long enough to make it hard for you to breath.

But Oops!!Let’s take it easy.How about you let me be your freak?!.You’ll die if you wake up from this dream(this I choose to place a bet on it). Baby I can read through you.I can see you’re empty,baby let me fill you.Don’t be scared I’m not here to fool you.Let’s play blind just stay focused. I’ll unbuckle baby don’t be shy.Touch me ,touch you baby don’t be gentle.Harder baby make me moan louder.Ts the thrust,let’s quench this thirst. These hormones got me unstable but with you in me these demons assembles.

Let’s make it wild from side to side baby let us ride.But if you decide to leave it will be hard to believe. Leaving me this high will be your greatest lie.I’ll cast a spell on you ooh may these rage haunt you.Horny as hell may your manhood ashame you.Because these memories will blind you,the only alibi closest to love that bound you.But if you choose to stay baby I’ll make hay.The most of the night we’ll play.On or off the lights baby it’s you to say.Just like rabbits we won’t stop. And if morning comes,baby you can still stay.Cradle-to-grave this bond will last.Better or worst this love will last.Because it’s clear by now it won’t get any better than this because after all,I’m the best you’ll ever have.

Take it simple, baby be gentle.I’m not here to be in for the sequel. It ended with your previous because baby I’m your last.This is your chance baby who will you choose?!Because if it’s me me boy you get to prove.Let them watch baby let us groove. Until death do us part baby let us tie the knot. Give me the honor to mother your children,together baby how about we do this?!Because even if we get old and senile I’ll still remember to choose you if I’ll have to do this again.

Deep in my veins this love runs.I have already placed my special request in heaven, that even though we won’t be married when we get there(brothers and sisters)they say it’s what we’ll all be.J still want to be next to you as we praise the most high.This is my love letter to you who spice up my life.To you I choose to submit.

Will love I’ll provide my honor. Will care I will improve the fragrance of this love.With purity I will honor our matrimonial bed.With all these I still gat much more to say.But until then baby let’s endure what we have.I love you still deep with chaste I will uphold as I wait.Until we say I do,down the aisle will my promises subdue.

I love you skin deep. I’d shed my skin to the very bone if it’s all it will take to prove my love for you.But please don’t dare me on this now!!


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