Mechanical Heart.


She sat there crying all afternoon cursing why


good God had to let this happen to her.

Ts been only months since he met him but now it felt like she can’t do without him.

Things got harder for her especially when he suddenly lost interest in him.

“Did I….???Oooh my God!!No,it can’t really be the reason.” She couldn’t help but have all these random thoughts running in and out of her mind.

She thought of approaching him and let him know what she felt about him but then she had a second thought…”perhaps I should talk to God about all these emotions before I make that stupid move and regret later.”she comforted herself.

“Please God take care of him for me,please God don’t take him away from me. Please God…Please God….Please……” It was the only prayer she uttered three times a day religiously not realizing that her PRAYERS became more of him than anything else.

Things got worse between them that she even had to question her PRAYERS. This time she opted for plan “B” perhaps the “God helps the one who helps himself kind of thought.”

She finally gathered courage to face him though she wasn’t as direct as she should have been perhaps because the silence screamed loud enough for her to be nervous around him.

“If I had  a chance to take back the hands of time,I would only be your friend nothing more.” Ts all she said when she really tried hard to pull a conversation with him jus to let point rest in a sentence perfectly without him noticing.

“Why are you so hormonal these days?You’re acting different that’s making it hard for me to be around you and you wonder why I’m  so distant these days!!? Ts not like we had a relationship or something… Did we!!?” He said all these angrily just to cut her short.

“Does the heart function mechanically or ts mine which needs stitches!??” She kept asking herself these questions and a lot more which were more dangerous that really ended up tormenting her. Without alarm,she always found herself thinking about him the most. Perhaps he became toxic to her life from the hurtful words he kept saying to her absent minded without putting heart to it.

He maintained his distance pretty well for people to now start noticing because they were considered “Bonnie and ” of those days. “Perhaps it is is a relationship that never was” she kept comforting herself enough to gain courage of answering all those that questioned that indeed they were perfectly amazing its just that they were both busy. She had to lie.

The heart’s not so smart best believe that.She…….

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