Lovers that NEVER were.


All my arteries busted open and suddenly I was unable to love again. It all started with stolen glances to  innocent gestures that craved more attention and the heart yearned for even more.

“I jus wanna see the fireworks,”is all he said to me before he hanged up his phone. We were new to this so I wasn’t sure how to take that response.
Eventually he came,he looked nervous but excited at the same time. It was obvious that we were never gonna be friends again ones the dawn breaks.
We danced to the rhythm before the mood of the room changed. We started getting cosy and not before long I stole a kiss from him.
It kinda felt nice but I wasn’t sure of how he felt about it. I got afraid to ask simply because I was scared it might not come out right though I felt as though it was what he’s been wanting to do from how he made it last.
I did it again but this time I took a picture. It was a stupid way of just saying” I think we should do it again just to be sure.” Friends became lovers that really never were. I knew these shit was way too deep when we both started avoiding to talk about who we really were. Emotions got involved, shit got real and…………..

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